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09 April 2007 @ 11:48 pm
Don't know if any of you are still alive BUT, I wanted to ask if the DVD box set of Press Gang has any advantages over the seperate DVDs of each season. Because my local store didn't have the box set and seeming I already own series 2 I opted for buying the seperate DVDs... but now I'm worried that I might of missed out on some killer extras!!! So any PG geeks care to share?

p.s. I idolize Linda, I wish I was as cold-hearted and assertive as she is. And where can I find a guy like Spike?! Whereeee
25 January 2006 @ 02:25 pm
Huh, so apologies about that, it didn't work first time for some reason and I can't work out how to delete a post(could a mod do it for me ?).

Second attempt:

Hi fellow Julia fans !

Just dropping in to pimp/whore our new Press Gang community here. It's a community for Press Gang fans who er...can't let go whilst managing to make stunningly clever use of an episode title, so:


For serious PG geeks with, we hope, debate, analysis and fanship and at some point when I can get the gubbins, classic Julia Press Gang interviews/tv show appearances.

Hope to see any Press Gang fans there !
10 June 2005 @ 08:46 am
Just finished watching series 1 dvd of Press Gang. I've got a wee crush on Spike, and Lynda is so gorgeous when she smiles (which is hardly ever) No extras on the series 1 dvd! :(
30 May 2005 @ 02:34 pm
Not sure whether anyone will want to make use of this but here goes anyway!
I've updated Julia Sawalha Online with a forum, so there it is...ho hum!

Just a reminder that Press Gang S4 and Second Thoughts S1 are out on dvd next Monday [6th June]. Disappointing extras for the Press Gang release - just some pdf script files - and no extras at all for Second Thoughts, still, I suppose we should just be thankful that Network is releasing them at all :)
20 April 2005 @ 07:14 pm
Amazon.co.uk have both Second Thoughts S1 and Press Gang S4 dvd's to be released on June 6th.
14 April 2005 @ 11:34 am
is getting a repeat airing on BBC4 this evening and is apparently being released on dvd the following day. More info here and here
08 April 2005 @ 09:31 am
Network announced that Press Gang S4 and Second Thoughts S1 will both be released in June.

07 April 2005 @ 12:12 pm
Just had an email from Play to say that it's been posted!
Have used the Monkey Face Lynda icon in honour of the news :D
27 March 2005 @ 01:23 pm
Hello, I just joined, but I've been enamoured with Julia for years.

Has anyone seen any of the Horatio Hornblower episodes with Ioan Gruffudd as the title character? My mother bought them all on DVD and I've finally gotten around to watching them. I was immensely surprised to find that Julia was not only in "Loyalty" and "Duty" but also that her character marries Horatio! And now I'm envious of Ioan Gruffudd... *le sigh*

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05 March 2005 @ 03:32 pm
Decided this community needed a new look! And the other one didn't seem to work on some browsers... thanks for all the articles and pictures you guys have been posting! :)